Angela and Shane's
North American Vacation - Week 4
Week 4 came too soon and went two fast.  First stop was Port Angeles to
visit Tom and Carol.  They live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.
What a great family, with big hearts and a collection of very spoilt pets from
the horses, dogs, birds through to the squirrels.

Now Tom has Shane addicted to beef jerky, which became a tragedy back
in Australian when the quarrantine made him give the last little bit up.   Shane
fondly refers to Tom as the "donkey wrestler" after spending time out on a
shoeing job with him.
Above and Left:  Tom, Carol, Shane
and I at Cresent Lake
Above: View across Cresent Lake
Above: one of Tom and Carol's regular
Above: Shane and I at the entrance of
the grand old lodge at Sol Duc Springs.
Above: Carol, Tom and I in Port
Above:  View across the Juan De Fuca
Straights to Vancouver Island, British
Colombia, Canada
Above:  Can you see the birds???
Cute artwork on the old pier stumps.
Above and left: Exploring around the