Angela and Shane's
North American Vacation - Week 3
Off to Canada to visit with Heath and Mia, who kindly show us
around some of Alberta and Saskatchewah.  They did an
awesome job of looking after us.  Special mention and thanks
must go to Mia for her guided tour and Heath for all the miles he

First day we went to the Edmonton Mall which is absolutely
huge.  It hosts a wave pool, ice hockey ring, a water feature
complete with Sea Lion show and submarine, a fun park with
double loop rollacoaster and would you believe it there were
also shops.
Day Four heading from Calgary to Regina via Drumheller
in the "Badlands".  A visit to the dinosaur museum is a
Days two and three - a gorgeous drive through the Canadian
Rockies and down to Calgary for the Stampede.
Day Five - Craven for the Country music
Left: Look at the colour of this lake!!!
Right: Mia, Heath and I on the edge of
Lake Louise
Above: Calgary Stampede Chutes
Above: Chuck wagon races.  Can I pick the
winners Heath or what???
Above: Bulldogging
Left: The four of us in Calgary
Above: Outside the museum
Above: Horseshoe canyon
Craven campground
Awesome seats,  just 4 rows from the stage
Left: Artwork in the mall
Right: The Sea Lion park