Angela and Shane's
North American Vacation - Week 4 part
On to Montana to visit Val and Steve.

Poor Val asked me what I wanted to see when we visited, I naively requested
bear, not knowing the challenges.  She did a fabulous job as you can see from
the pics. But, I didn't really think when I said, next on my list was Moose.  Lol,
the moose were rather elusive.

Steve did a wonderful job of driving, he a covered a stack of miles for which
we are most appreciative.   We visited Red Lodge, Bozeman, the Grizzly park
and Yellowstone National Park.   Not to mention several saddleries, farm
stores and the Montana Silversmiths outlet.

Val also put on a lovely bbq where we got to meet Barabra and Bill and Alicia
and Leonard.  Great food, great company and a wonderful time.
Val, Steve and I
My first Grizzly Bear - safely found in a rescue
Shane and I at Yellowstone National
Bison in Yellowstone National Park
Shane in front of Old Faithful,
Yellowstone National Park
Val and Steve in front of a stone
fireplace inside the original
Yellowstone lodge.
Montana Hen House meeting -
Barbara, Alicia, Val and I
Val came through again!! She found me
these two very cute little critters above.