Angela and Shane's
North American Vacation - Week 2
FT Worth and the APHA World Show - here we come!!!
We arrived at DFW airport mid afternoon, hopefully in time to pick up a car
and get to Ft Worth prior to peak hour traffic.  Remember we are used to
driving on the left side of the road and have no idea how to get out of
Dallas.  We did really well for awhile till we tried to navigate the 820hwy.

I didn't get many photos from the World Show as we were mainly videoing.
Pam and I - 4th July.  Pam cooks the most
yummy roasts, oops I mean steaks.  :)
I got to visit with Zipmotize, I've been a
big fan of his for a few years now.
Out front of the Will Rogers centre.
APHA Headquarters
Fort Worth Stockyard wranglers.
Walt and Gerry on the left, Shane and I on the right at the Ft
Worth Stockyards
Title: Boys and Beer. LOL.  Jeffrey, Shane and Walt "taking a
load off" whilst the girls go shopping.
Above and Right:  Cowgirls Hall of
Fame museum, Fort Worth.