Tonawonda Buddies
Texas Hunch - 1991 Bay QH Gelding
"Tex" gets a special mention because he's a "special" horse.

I originally bought Tex as an 18mth old colt for a trail riding prospect.  Not long after I bought Tex though,  I lost my old pal
"Montana".  Montana was a Paint horse that I'd had for many years and who I was learning western performance with.

So Tex was promoted to show horse, but it wasn't long before I realised he wouldn't halter as he is sprint bred and was too little
and green for me to learn to ride on so he was turned out to mature. He got into anything and everything he could!!!  How he lived
to the age of 3 amazes me.  He would open every gate, turn on all the tapes, break into the dog food, destroy his rugs, destroy
everyone elses rugs and the list goes on.  At 3yr old he was started in the show ring and whilst talented, didn't have the mental focus
to excel.  He was also very little at 14.2 hands so he was turned out again to mature.  Why did I persist?  Well he's bomb proof, I'd
trust him with my Grandmother.
At age 5 - he suddenly matured (I mean phsyically not mentally) and reached 16 hands, I kid you not.   He tried his hands/hooves
at a number of different careers but each time has decided they were not mentally stimulating enough.   Trail horse, lesson horse,
show horse - too boring.  Foal babysitter - eeek they're all brats.  The only activity he really put any effort into was calf roping,
but we haven't the resources to keep him in that.

Well he's managed to live to
21, he'll be with me forever.  I can throw a saddle on him anytime, put anyone on him, he doesn't
cost much to feed, he loves hugs.  And he's PETRIFIED of electric fences :-)